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This year’s exceptional line-up of internationally renowned experts has attracted a large number of registrants from all across the globe. Exactly one month before the Forum is being held, the number of expected participants has already climbed beyond 500. The intriguing mixture of economists, scientists and policy makers will be discussing food security and climate… » read more

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This year, the Forum for Agriculture FFA2010 adds another column to its event: the Student Forum. Students from leading schools across Europe are invited to join the FFA2010 with their own panel of renowned experts from the Forum. Pressing issues for the farmers and policy makers of tomorrow include: Farm productivity & competitiveness… Climate change…… » read more

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To watch the video, please follow the link below: Forum for the Future of Agriculture presents the 2010 conference Mark Titterington, European Public Affairs Director at Syngenta and Thierry de l’Escaille, CEO and Secretary General at the European Landowners Organization introduce the upcoming FFA2010. To register for the event, please follow instructions on We… » read more

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Tuesday March 16th 2010 will be the third time the Forum for the Future of Agriculture is being held in Brussels. As in previous years, it opens the floor to thinkers from around the world to debate, discuss and offer new points of view. This year’s focus is on The Economics and Politics of Food… » read more

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